Neurologically Devastated Children, Joe Egg, and Religious Coping

Obligatory Introductory Quotations “I only know we don’t live twice, / therefore – shun death, is my advice” Robert Browning, Arcades Ambo   “You lived what anybody gets, Bernie. You got a lifetime.” Death, The Sandman #43 by Neil Gaiman Vignette #1 Allow me first to tell you about a young man named Cameron (named… Continue reading Neurologically Devastated Children, Joe Egg, and Religious Coping


Burnout, Kid Cancer, and Unconditional Love

I went to a breakfast seminar on physician burnout this morning. If you are not a part of the medical world or are otherwise foreign to the idea of physician burnout, suffice it to say that it is a descriptor for a syndrome of cynicism, lost enthusiasm for work, and lost sense of accomplishment that this year affects more than half of American physicians. I’ve been to a few of these burnout seminars in recent months – partly because I would like to harvest some “pearls” from elder physicians on how to avoid this disease of the modern doctor, and partly because this series of breakfasts...