This page is under construction. Eventually we will have a full list of recommended readings / books that have influenced our thought on a number of topics here, as with the sample listings below.

Medicine & Religion

  1. Hauerwas, Stanley. God, Medicine, and Suffering. Buy on Amazon here: 
    • The great American theologian Stanley Hauerwas (now at Duke Divinity) responds to the question of how a good God could allow suffering — not with a theodicy, but with compassion and community.

Medical Humanism

  1. Kalanathi, Paul. When Breath Becomes Air.
  2. Nussbaum, Abraham M. The Finest Traditions of My Calling.

Medically-Relevant Christian Theology

  1. Hayes, Richard B. Moral Vision of the New Testament.
  2. Wright, N.T. Surprised by Hope.Buy on Amazon here: