Neurologically Devastated Children, Joe Egg, and Religious Coping

Obligatory Introductory Quotations “I only know we don’t live twice, / therefore – shun death, is my advice” Robert Browning, Arcades Ambo   “You lived what anybody gets, Bernie. You got a lifetime.” Death, The Sandman #43 by Neil Gaiman Vignette #1 Allow me first to tell you about a young man named Cameron (named… Continue reading Neurologically Devastated Children, Joe Egg, and Religious Coping


Burnout, Kid Cancer, and Unconditional Love

I went to a breakfast seminar on physician burnout this morning. If you are not a part of the medical world or are otherwise foreign to the idea of physician burnout, suffice it to say that it is a descriptor for a syndrome of cynicism, lost enthusiasm for work, and lost sense of accomplishment that this year affects more than half of American physicians. I’ve been to a few of these burnout seminars in recent months – partly because I would like to harvest some “pearls” from elder physicians on how to avoid this disease of the modern doctor, and partly because this series of breakfasts...

What Is Hyperholymia?

Hyperholymia ("high-purr-hoe-lee-me-uh", subject to change upon first burst of the tiniest amount of editorial creativity) is a new blog meant to provide a forum for musings, essays, news, book reviews & recommendations, and conversation at the intersections of Medicine & Religion. While recently there has been a surge in academic explorations of these intersections...